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"Esophageal cancer"

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  1. photo GERD and Barrett’s EsophagusGERD and Barrett’s EsophagusTreatment
    be problematic because people with Barrett’s Esophagus are 30 to 40 times more likely to develop esophageal cancer than the average population. BE is particularly dangerous because it generally doesn’t presentRead more
  2. photo Hot Tea <b>Cancer</b> RiskHot Tea Cancer RiskTreatment
    was classified as warm . In this experiment, a group of 871 men and women from the Golestan province in Iran were enrolled. This particular region was selected because of its unusually high esophageal cancerRead more
  3. photo This Kind of <b>Cancer</b> Develops Very Fast, And Many People Think That it is Just Acid RefluxThis Kind of Cancer Develops Very Fast, And Many People Think That it is Just Acid RefluxTreatment
    Research shows that the number of people diagnosed with esophageal cancer is continually increasing and what’s more, this number is expected to be over 140% by 2025. The major reasonRead more
  4. photo Early warning signs of <b>cancer</b> that cannot be ignoredEarly warning signs of cancer that cannot be ignoredNews
    on Health, the abovecould be due to oral cancers such as throat, esophageal and tongue cancers. Additionally, other, non-cancerous causes could be the reason.Weight loss that cannot be explainedThough it canRead more
  5. photo This Type Of <b>Cancer</b> Grows Terribly Fast, And Many Think It’s a Simple HeartburnThis Type Of Cancer Grows Terribly Fast, And Many Think It’s a Simple HeartburnTreatment
    .   However, there are few cases when this cancer is detected in time because of symptoms that include frequent problems such as heartburn, so the survival rate of esophageal cancer is only 20 percent. AlsoRead more
  6. photo Chinese herbal medicine can treat <b>cancer</b> safely and effectivelyChinese herbal medicine can treat cancer safely and effectivelyNews
    , stomach cancer, liver cancer or esophageal cancer.Again, the results were impressive for TCM; 98.5% of the study participants used TCM and reported an 85% reduction in symptoms.Yet another much larger studyRead more
  7. photo World Health Organization Expected to Link Red Meat to <b>Cancer</b>World Health Organization Expected to Link Red Meat to CancerArticle
    linked to ailments ranging from heart disease to cancer, including colorectal, esophageal, lung, and pancreatic cancers, the IARC recently placed a high priority on determining whether scientific evidenceRead more
  8. photo Obesity linked to 11 <b>cancers</b>, 33 percent of Americans at riskObesity linked to 11 cancers, 33 percent of Americans at riskNews
    such as esophageal adenocarcinoma and endometrial cancer. Several ways to reduce your cancer riskWhat can you do to reduce your risk of cancer? First of all, you need to reach and maintain a healthy weight. For manyRead more
  9. photo Berries, Nuts and SpicesBerries, Nuts and SpicesTreatment
    often diagnosed in patients living with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and is worrisome because it’s been associated with an increased risk of esophageal cancer. According to preliminary researchRead more
  10. photo Fish Oil and <b>Cancer</b> CachexiaFish Oil and Cancer CachexiaTreatment
    that a nutritional supplement could have in preserving weight and improving the quality of life in those undergoing surgery for esophageal cancer. One of the primary ingredients of this oral supplement is a fatty acidRead more

photo Esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer


Esophageal cancer (or oesophageal cancer) is cancer arising from the foodpipe known as the esophagus that runs between the throat and the stomach. Symptoms often include difficulty in swallowing and weight loss. Other symptoms may include pain when swallowing, a hoarse voice, enlarged lymph nodes (glands) around the collarbone, a dry cough, and possibly coughing up or vomiting blood.The two...More