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  1. photo What is dermatitis and the main typesWhat is dermatitis and the main typesTreatment
    such as Mustela or Uriage. 6. ​​Exfoliative dermatitis Exfoliative dermatitis or erythroderma is a severe skin inflammation that causes scaling and redness on large areas of the body, such as the chestRead more



Erythroderma (also known as "Exfoliative dermatitis," "Dermatitis exfoliativa," and "Red man syndrome") is an inflammatory skin disease with erythema and scaling that affects nearly the entire cutaneous surface.:436:215In ICD-10, a distinction is made between "exfoliative dermatitis" at L26, and "erythroderma" at L53.9.Erythroderma is generalized exfoliative dermatitis, which involves 90% or...More