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  1. photo Are all psychiatric drugs too unsafe to take?Are all psychiatric drugs too unsafe to take?News
    tardive dyskinesia, a largely permanent and sometimes disabling and painful movement disorder caused by brain damage and biochemical disruptions.Risperdal in particular but others as well cause potentiallyRead more
  2. photo Could your psychiatric drug cause tardive <b>dyskinesia</b> (TD)?Could your psychiatric drug cause tardive dyskinesia (TD)?News
    Without knowing it, your psychiatric drug, and some nonpsychiatric drugs, could be exposing you to the risk of tardive dyskinesia (TD). The disorder is rampant and causes tragic injuriesRead more
  3. photo Using antidepressants while pregnant raises child's risk of obesity, diabetes, and moreUsing antidepressants while pregnant raises child's risk of obesity, diabetes, and moreNews
    Syndrome, Epileptiform Discharges, Epileptic Seizures and/or Epilepsy, Hypoglycaemia/Hyperglycemia, Stroke/Hemorrhagic Syndromes, Frontal Lobe Syndrome, Tardive Dyskinesia/Dystonia, Parkinsonism, AkathisiaRead more
  4. photo Ginkgo and Milk Thistle NewsGinkgo and Milk Thistle NewsTreatment
    medication induced side effectssuch as tardive dyskinesia and even diet related liver damage. This isprecisely the sort of news that you’re unlikely to hear about from thetalking heads that frequently appearRead more
  5. photo Vitamin B6, the PMS vitaminVitamin B6, the PMS vitaminNews
    homocysteine levels, and to treat tardive dyskinesia. The best known use of B6 is to treat PMS; however, double blind studies have not confirmed its efficacy. (But try telling this to any woman who has receivedRead more



Dyskinesia refers to a category of movement disorders that are characterized by involuntary muscle movements, including movements similar to tics or chorea and diminished voluntary movements. Dyskinesia can be anything from a slight tremor of the hands to an uncontrollable movement of the upper body or lower extremities. Discoordination can also occur internally especially with the respiratory...More