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  1. photo Austin Powers star 'Mini-Me' butt-searched by TSA goonsAustin Powers star 'Mini-Me' butt-searched by TSA goonsNews
    dwarfism disability, a condition recognized as such under the Americans with Disabilities Act."They are profiling," quirked Allan Volker on Troyer's page. "I bet they searched every little person that cameRead more
  2. photo Warning signs you are deficient zinc, and what to eat to get itWarning signs you are deficient zinc, and what to eat to get itNews
    function, as well as cause diarrhea and hair loss. In very bad cases, total absence of sexual function and dwarfism could result.Zinc-rich foodsOne good way to boost the levels of zinc in one's bodyRead more

photo Parastremmatic dwarfism

Parastremmatic dwarfism


Parastremmatic dwarfism is a rare bone disease that features severe dwarfism, thoracic kyphosis (a type of scoliosis that affects the upper back), a distortion and twisting of the limbs, contractures of the large joints, malformations of the vertebrae and pelvis, and incontinence. The disease was first reported in 1970 by Leonard Langer and associates; they used the term parastremmatic from the...More