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  1. photo Lúpulo (humulus lupulus): benefícios, efeitos e propriedades medicinaisLúpulo (humulus lupulus): benefícios, efeitos e propriedades medicinaisTreatment
    as a component of Humulus lupulus on doxorubicin-induced antitumor activity.” Food and chemical toxicology 53 (2013): 174-179. Milligan, S. R., Kalita, J. C., Heyerick, A., Rong, H., De Cooman, LRead more

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Doxorubicin /ˌdɒksəˈruːbɨsɪn/ (INN, AAN, BAN, USAN; trade name Adriamycin; pegylated liposomal form trade name Doxil; nonpegylated liposomal form trade name Myocet), also known as hydroxydaunorubicin and hydroxydaunomycin, is a drug used in cancer chemotherapy and derived by chemical semisynthesis from a bacterial species. It is an anthracycline antitumor antibiotic (note: in this context, this...More