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  1. photo Fight Food Waste With A… <b>Dehydrator</b>?Fight Food Waste With A… Dehydrator?Article
    of a travesty—but we can make changes. Easy changes. One just happens to be using a food dehydrator. Dehydration is a low-impact form of preservation that can turn your almost-overripe fruits and vegetablesRead more
  2. photo 5 Easy Foods to <b>Dehydrate</b> at Home5 Easy Foods to Dehydrate at HomeArticle
    Ready to pull out the food dehydrator from under your kitchen sink and put that piece of culinary machinery to good work, finally? Dehydrating your own foods saves on grocery costs, affords youRead more
  3. photo 5 Deliciously Convincing <b>Dehydrator</b> Recipes5 Deliciously Convincing Dehydrator RecipesRecipe
    Here are 5 dehydrator recipes that will inspire you to take advantage of this incredible machine. If you’ve ever experimented with the raw food diet, you’ve likely come across the dehydratorRead more
  4. photo 4 Signs of <b>Dehydration</b> to Look Out For (Beyond Thirst)4 Signs of Dehydration to Look Out For (Beyond Thirst)Article
    Dehydration is a very serious matter and most of us don’t take it seriously enough. A lack of adequate water intake can cause many bodily processes to break down. Dehydration will affectRead more
  5. photo Study finds that <b>dehydration</b> lowers mood and mental abilitiesStudy finds that dehydration lowers mood and mental abilitiesNews
    Experts estimate that approximately 75 percent of the American population is sub-clinically dehydrated, and this percentage doesn't seem to be shrinking thanks to the continued popularity of acidicRead more
  6. photo Driving while <b>dehydrated</b> found to be as dangerous as driving drunkDriving while dehydrated found to be as dangerous as driving drunkNews
    safety on the roads. Or, maybe they just need to be reminded to drink more water. New research has suggested that drivers make more than twice as many mistakes when they are mildly dehydratedRead more
  7. photo 10 Reasons <b>Dehydration</b> is Making You Fat And Sick10 Reasons Dehydration is Making You Fat And SickTreatment
    Whenever you feel thirsty, instead of reaching for some soda or a cup of coffee, you better drink a glass of water. Although your body is 75% water when you are dehydrated, your bloodRead more
  8. photo Follow these simple tips to keep from getting <b>dehydrated</b>Follow these simple tips to keep from getting dehydratedNews
    For most people the concept of thirst or dehydration doesn't get much thought dedicated to it on a daily basis. Live until you get thirsty, then drink until you no longer thirst, and then continueRead more
  9. photo Symptoms of <b>dehydration</b> - Do you drink enough water?Symptoms of dehydration - Do you drink enough water?News
    Most people do not drink enough water. Thirst and a dry mouth are signs of dehydration. If we drink water only when we're thirsty, we are perpetually dehydrated. There are many other signsRead more
  10. photo Cucumbers can help treat cancer, inflammation and <b>dehydration</b>Cucumbers can help treat cancer, inflammation and dehydrationNews
    molecules."Therefore, eating morecould help protect us from serious inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.Can help treat dehydration According to a reportRead more

photo Dehydration



Dehydration (hypohydration) means less water in something. The word comes from the ancient Greek word for water, hydor.People get dehydrated when they lose more water than they take in. The human body needs water to survive. If a person gets badly dehydrated, their body will be unable to work the right way. Bad dehydration can cause organ damage and even death.A person will get dehydrated if...More