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  1. photo The most expensive <b>coffee</b> in the world is brewed from <b>beans</b> partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civetThe most expensive coffee in the world is brewed from beans partially digested and defecated by the Asian palm civetNews
    The world's most expensive coffee, kopi luwak (literally, "civet coffee") is brewed from coffee beans that have been eaten and partially digested by the Asian palm civet, a catlike wild animal.TheRead more
  2. photo Could Your Next Bag of <b>Coffee</b> <b>Beans</b> Be Grown in California?Could Your Next Bag of Coffee Beans Be Grown in California?Article
    Climate change’s reach is being felt in all corners of the world, and coffee beans are no exception. Now, California is getting in on the coffee market and research in efforts to help save ourRead more
  3. photo Super-Caffeinated <b>Coffee</b> Flour is Totally Real, Delicious Heaven on EarthSuper-Caffeinated Coffee Flour is Totally Real, Delicious Heaven on EarthArticle
    -producing thing. Coffee flour is made from green coffee beans that are naturally filled with antioxidants, and, of course, caffeine. Professor Daniel Perlman, a biophysicist from Brandeis UniversityRead more
  4. photo 8 Awesome Facts That You Never Knew About <b>Coffee</b>8 Awesome Facts That You Never Knew About CoffeeArticle
    beans in the yard they become euphoric and full of energy. When this men tried some of the beans he became the happiest goatherder in Arabia. Coffee Was First Chewed Coffee was not always consumedRead more
  5. photo Best Beers: 7 <b>Coffee</b>-Infused Brews To Keep You PerkyBest Beers: 7 Coffee-Infused Brews To Keep You PerkyArticle
    with exciting personalities. Usually made with fresh, locally roasted coffee beans paired with artisan stouts or porters, this new libation incarnation is on the tip of the tongues of both beer lovers and coffeeRead more
  6. photo Ridiculous Hipsters in Line Getting <b>Coffee</b> [Video]Ridiculous Hipsters in Line Getting Coffee [Video]Article
    , specifically those trendy hipster coffee shops. You’ve been warned! (“They grind the beans between two teenagers at a high school dance.”) Find Jill on Twitter @jillettingerRead more
  7. photo 3 Beauty Benefits of <b>Coffee</b>: Not Just a Pick-Me-Up!3 Beauty Benefits of Coffee: Not Just a Pick-Me-Up!Article
    reported that coffee can actually do our bodies some good, we rejoice. Instead of caffeine-shaming yourself, embrace the bean! These benefits of coffee however are all about beauty, and are just what youRead more
  8. photo The Buzz on 3 Organic <b>Coffees</b>The Buzz on 3 Organic CoffeesArticle
    bold, strong undertones to any espresso drink. These organic shade-grown arabica beans, like any whole-bean coffee, should be kept whole until the last minute; grind just enough to use for your drinkRead more
  9. photo Cold-Brew Iced <b>Coffee</b> Recipe: Smooth, Mild and Made at HomeCold-Brew Iced Coffee Recipe: Smooth, Mild and Made at HomeArticle
    are all very familiar with. Hot-brewing (aka ordinary brewing) is popular and quick, but the high temperatures release oils and acids from the coffee beans that can create a bitter taste. Cold-brewingRead more
  10. photo Ethical <b>Bean</b> Takes the Bitter Taste out of the <b>Coffee</b> TradeEthical Bean Takes the Bitter Taste out of the Coffee TradeArticle
    among a number of organic and natural brands. But we guarantee you haven’t seen anything quite like Ethical Bean Coffee. A commitment to fair trade and environmentally-friendly coffee that tastes amazingRead more

photo Coffee bean

Coffee bean


A coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant, and is the source for coffee. It is the pit inside the red or purple fruit often referred to as a cherry. Even though they are seeds, they are referred to as 'beans' because of their resemblance to true beans. The fruits - coffee cherries or coffee berries - most commonly contain two stones with their flat sides together. A small percentage of...More