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  1. photo Health Benefits of <b>Clove</b> OilHealth Benefits of Clove OilTreatment
    Cloves come from an evergreen tree called Eugenia Caryophyllata. This tree is native to Indonesia, and the dried flower buds are what we know as cloves. The oil is extracted from these budsRead more
  2. photo <b>Clove</b> Mouthwash RecipeClove Mouthwash RecipeRecipe
    1/4 cup vodka 1/2 cup water 1/4 t honey 1/4 t cinnamon 1/2 t ground cloves, or clove oil Get your dried, organic herbs, organic essential oils, bulk spices, loose leaf organic teasRead more
  3. photo Oatmeal with <b>Cloves</b>, Cardamom & Maple SyrupOatmeal with Cloves, Cardamom & Maple SyrupRecipe
    Antispasmodic Vasodilator General-Laxative ayurvedic notesCloves bring heat to the surface, open the pores, and warm the liver. Cloves ground my Vata. I remember one September afternoon just after RoseRead more
  4. Clove, Cardamom & Sugar Spice MixRecipe
    Cloves 1/2 c Raw Sugar preparationMix.Read more
  5. photo Baked peaches with Vanilla, Nutmeg & <b>Cloves</b>Baked peaches with Vanilla, Nutmeg & ClovesRecipe
    , to sight, to smell, and smooth-as-silk texture.Bright orange, offering the scent of heavy sweetness, warm spices, and luscious juice, Baked Peaches with Vanilla, Nutmeg, and Cloves is sure to have youRead more
  6. photo Pickled Fall Fruits with Cardamom and <b>Cloves</b>Pickled Fall Fruits with Cardamom and ClovesArticle
    . Think of them like normal fruits, just with a new cool kick. And you, the seasonal home cook, will also have a new cool kick. Pickled Fall Fruits With Cardamom and Cloves Ingredients 2 apples, coredRead more
  7. Clove-Honey Skin Lightening MaskTreatment
    2 tablespoons fuller’s earth 1 tablespoon witch hazel 1 teaspoon honey 1 teaspoon ground cloves Mix all the ingredients into a paste and apply to the skin in light, upward strokes. LeaveRead more
  8. photo <b>Clove</b> oil alleviates toothaches, improves dental healthClove oil alleviates toothaches, improves dental healthNews
    troublesome than beneficial, in many cases. But there is a natural solution to the problem that costs pennies on the dollar, and that could provide lasting relief without all the harmful side effects: cloveRead more
  9. photo <b>Cloves</b>, a traditional Christmas spice with healing propertiesCloves, a traditional Christmas spice with healing propertiesNews
    Cloves are often associated with Christmas recipes such as mulled wine and Christmas cake and not widely used in western culture or cuisine outside of the Christmas period. However, cloves haveRead more
  10. photo 15 health-enhancing reasons to enjoy <b>clove</b> spice every day15 health-enhancing reasons to enjoy clove spice every dayNews
    If you're seeking a way to prevent cancer, solve periodontal issues or add more zest to your sex life, clove may be the answer. Used throughout history and a significant herb in Traditional ChineseRead more

photo Clove


Medicinal Plant / Herbs and Spices

Cloves are the aromatic flower buds of a tree in the family Myrtaceae, Syzygium aromaticum. They are native to the Maluku Islands in Indonesia, and are commonly used as a spice. Cloves are commercially harvested primarily in Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.The clove tree is an evergreen tree that grows up to 8–12 m tall, with large leaves and sanguine...More