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"Chronic granulomatous disease"

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    ascorbate in 2 patients with chronic granulomatous disease. S Afr Med J. 1;56476-80. [10] Gonz lez MJ, Miranda JR, Riordan HD (2005) Vitamin C as an Ergogenic Aid. J Orthomolecular Med 20:100-102. [11Read more
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    Deficiency Causes Example Reduced skin synthesis Sunscreen, skin pigment, season/latitude/time of day, aging, skin grafts Decreaseed absorption Cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, whipple diseaseRead more
  3. photo Alternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsAlternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsTreatment
    – A chronic disease of the liver marked by degeneration of cells, inflammation, and fibrous thickening of tissue. It is typically a result of alcoholism or hepatitis. (Oils: ledum, lemon verbena) CohobationRead more

photo Chronic granulomatous disease

Chronic granulomatous disease


Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) (also known as Bridges–Good syndrome, Chronic granulomatous disorder, and Quie syndrome) is a diverse group of hereditary diseases in which certain cells of the immune system have difficulty forming the reactive oxygen compounds (most importantly, the superoxide radical) used to kill certain ingested pathogens. This leads to the formation of granulomata in...More