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  1. photo 3 Steps to Solve Your Picky Eater Problem3 Steps to Solve Your Picky Eater ProblemArticle
    It might be one of the most frustrating moments in a young parent’s life: your once-amiable baby who would eat anything you spooned into their chubby cherub mouth suddenly clamps her jaw shutRead more
  2. photo Italian case study suggests enjoying artwork can lower the body's stress level by 60 percentItalian case study suggests enjoying artwork can lower the body's stress level by 60 percentNews
    in the world. The basilica features 18th-century frescoes with winged angels, cherubs and bearded prophets. Huge drop in levels of stress hormone cortisolFollowing their tour, participants' saliva was testedRead more
  3. photo From “The Breakfast Club” to Wine CellarFrom “The Breakfast Club” to Wine CellarArticle
    Perhaps it was the sudden death of John Hughes in 2009 that sealed the door on the 1980’s, forcing those who still think of Molly Ringwald as a cherub-like awkward teenager to accept the factRead more
  4. photo Can Your House be Too Clean?Can Your House be Too Clean?Treatment
    , sneezing germ-filled cherubs. In fact, studies show that children who had more exposure to germs while they were in daycare at a very young age are healthier overall than those who spent the early yearsRead more

photo Cherubism



Cherubism is a rare genetic disorder that causes prominence in the lower portion in the face. The name is derived from the temporary chubby-cheeked resemblance to putti, often confused with cherubs, in Renaissance paintings."Cherubism" was first coined and documented in 1933 by Dr. W. A. Jones of Kingston, Ontario, describing a case of three siblings of the same family of Jewish Russian...More