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"Chenopodium album"

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  1. Ervas Daninhas na Cozinha (Em espanhol)Recipe
    ) Brassica rapa / Nabo Cirsium vulgare / Cardo negro Chenopodium album / Quínoa blanca Malva sylvestris y otras spp. / Malva Melissa officinalis / Toronjil (Melissa) Mentha spp. / Menta Portulaca oleraceaRead more
  2. photo It’s Easy To Be Weedy: 6 Backyard Greens To Chow Down OnIt’s Easy To Be Weedy: 6 Backyard Greens To Chow Down OnArticle
    and your body hum with health. Lamb’s Quarters ( Chenopodium album ) Yet another nutritional powerhouse that rivals Swiss chard and spinach in flavor and nutritional content (with off-the-chartsRead more
  3. photo Plantas que curamPlantas que curamTreatment
    . ERVA SANTA MARIA (Chenopodium ambrosioides): As folhas secas afugentam insetos caseiros. Pode ser usada comovermífugo e tônico digestivo. Popularmente é usada contra hemorróidas,varizes, para facilitarRead more 87.588 votos

photo Chenopodium album

Chenopodium album

Chenopodium album is a fast-growing weedy annual plant in the genus Chenopodium.Though cultivated in some regions, the plant is elsewhere considered a weed. Common names include lamb's quarters, melde, goosefoot and fat-hen, though the latter two are also applied to other species of the genus Chenopodium, for which reason it is often distinguished as white goosefoot. It is sometimes also called...More