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  1. photo <b>Cantaloupe</b>CantaloupeArticle
    Contents: Season for Cantaloupe Cantaloupe Described How to Buy and Store Cantaloupe How to Cook Cantaloupe Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Why Buy Natural and Organic Cantaloupe SeasonRead more
  2. photo <b>Cantaloupe</b> – Freshness and Health Through Summer DaysCantaloupe – Freshness and Health Through Summer DaysTreatment
    Some people do not like the taste of melon, some simply adore it, however we have to agree on one, cantaloupe is a perfect food that provides freshness and health through the summer daysRead more
  3. photo Del Monte Recalls <b>Cantaloupes</b> in Detroit AreaDel Monte Recalls Cantaloupes in Detroit AreaArticle
    Del Monte Fresh Produce has recalled certain cantaloupes that were grown in and shipped from Arizona, but distributed to limited customers in and around Detroit. The melons may be contaminatedRead more
  4. photo Pregnant woman contracts Listeria infection from contaminated <b>cantaloupe</b>, gives birth to premature babyPregnant woman contracts Listeria infection from contaminated cantaloupe, gives birth to premature babyNews
    affected by a Listeria outbreak that originated from contaminated cantaloupe produced at Jensen Farms in Holly, Colorado 2011. The outbreak was responsible for causing 33 deaths and one miscarriageRead more
  5. photo Remedio Casero Natural para Limpiar la Sangre, Evitar Leucemia y DiabetesRemedio Casero Natural para Limpiar la Sangre, Evitar Leucemia y DiabetesTreatment
    . -Comer frutas como manzana, berries, melón cantaloupe, cerezas, uvas. -Beber solo agua destilada. -Restringir productos lácteos. -Evitar usar microondas, sentarse del televisor a 8 pies de distanciaRead more
  6. photo Jugos naturales para bajar la presión altaJugos naturales para bajar la presión altaTreatment
    cantaloupe, agregue un banano y ponga los dos ingredientes en la licuadora. Licúe hasta tener un batido. Este batido es alto en potasio, un mineral que está relacionado con la presión arterial baja. Jugo verdeRead more
  7. photo An Early Autumn Savory Fruit Salad RecipeAn Early Autumn Savory Fruit Salad RecipeArticle
    . But instead of serving them for dessert, I serve them for dinner. Cantaloupe, blackberries, white peaches and figs don’t take much to go from dessert to main course. After all, when fruit is good, it showsRead more
  8. Melão caipiraRecipe
    , ficavam às moscas. O mesmo fazíamos com melancias e pepinos que, crocantes, comíamos partidos com sal. Em São Paulo hoje temos todo quanto é tipo de melão – cantaloupe, charentais, pele de sapo, gáliaRead more
  9. Os Benefícios do MelãoNews
    sua dieta de emagrecimento e de beleza. Tipos de melão O melão tem uma grande variedade de tipos, cores e aromas, como o melão cantaloupe (o mais comum no mundo), o melão amarelo , o pele de sapo , melãoRead more 100.033 votos
  10. Suco anti stressTreatment
    para estimular o sono. Ingredientes 115 g de melancia 115 g de melão-cantaloupe 115 g de cerejas sem caroço Modo de preparo Bater todos os ingredientes no liquidificador e beber a seguir. Recomenda-se tomarRead more 100.011 votos

photo Cantaloupe



Cantaloupe (also cantelope, cantaloup, muskmelon (India and the United States), mushmelon, rockmelon, sweet melon, honeydew, Persian melon, spanspek (South Africa), or Garmak گرمک) refers to a variety of Cucumis melo, a species in the family Cucurbitaceae. Cantaloupes range in weight from 500 g to 5 kg (1 to 10 lb). Originally, cantaloupe referred only to the non-netted, orange-fleshed melons...More