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"Candida (fungus)"

  1. photo Systemic <b>Candida</b> - how to conquer and healSystemic Candida - how to conquer and healNews
    destructive one-celled pathogens, including fungus. Lastly, exercise is also important. Exercise helps the body eliminate Candida die-off by detoxing pathways.Read more
  2. photo Symptoms of <b>candida</b> overgrowthSymptoms of candida overgrowthNews
    ecosystem.Skin conditionsMost skin problems are a sign of Candida overgrowth.Skin problems such as acne, Keratosis pilaris, dry skin, hives, rashes, dandruff, and eczema are a sign of too much fungus in the bodyRead more
  3. photo Oncologist Makes Ground-Breaking Discovery: How to Cure Cancer With Baking SodaOncologist Makes Ground-Breaking Discovery: How to Cure Cancer With Baking SodaTreatment
    A former Italian oncologist in Rome, called Tullio Simoncini, developed a theory that the leading reason of cancer is a fungus called Candida Albicans. He suggests that: “CancerRead more
  4. photo New deadly drug-resisant superbug linked to four deaths in the USNew deadly drug-resisant superbug linked to four deaths in the USNews
    released by the CDC has revealed that a deadly drug-resistant fungus is on the loose, and it's already killed four hospital patients. The fungus, called Candida auris, was first identified in Japan in 2009Read more
  5. photo <b>Candida</b> albicans - The foundation of illnessCandida albicans - The foundation of illnessNews
    The most common fungus to negatively affect humans, Candida albicans, primarily colonizes the skin and the mucosal membranes of the mouth, genitals, and digestive tract. There are also a few otherRead more
  6. photo Baking Soda – Helped to Cure CancerBaking Soda – Helped to Cure CancerTreatment
    Tulio Simoncini is a former Italian oncologist in Rome who developed a theory that all cancer is caused exclusively by a fungus called Candida albicans.  “Cancer is a fungus, calledRead more
  7. photo Coconut Oil: The Most Effective Natural Treatment for <b>Candida</b>Coconut Oil: The Most Effective Natural Treatment for CandidaTreatment
    Candida is a naturally occurring form of yeast (fungus) that lives in your mouth and intestines. Its job in our bodies is to aid with digestion but, when it is overproduced, candida breaksRead more
  8. photo Balance your gut flora quickly, kill <b>Candida</b>, and eliminate diseaseBalance your gut flora quickly, kill Candida, and eliminate diseaseNews
    this fungus takes over, it can spread throughout the body. Candida burrows into the gut lining creating holes in the intestines that allow undigested food particles and other toxins to enter the bloodstreamRead more
  9. photo Optimize your <b>Candida</b> detox and minimize the symptoms of die offOptimize your Candida detox and minimize the symptoms of die offNews
    than before. There's a moment of despair (I'll never get rid of this ridiculous fungus!), but then comes a light at the end of the tunnel! When Candida is killed it releases nearly 80 different toxinsRead more
  10. photo Natural cures for athlete's footNatural cures for athlete's footNews
    of the skin is always a warning that you have an overgrowth of fungus within the body as well. For balancing the body's flora, and more on undecylenic acid, check out How to Kill Candida and How Candida LeadsRead more

photo Candida (fungus)

Candida (fungus)


Candida is a genus of yeasts and is the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide. Many species are harmless commensals or endosymbionts of hosts including humans; however, when mucosal barriers are disrupted or the immune system is compromised they can invade and cause disease. Candida albicans is the most commonly isolated species, and can cause infections (candidiasis or thrush) in...More