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  1. photo Looking For New Superfoods? Try The <b>Brazil</b> <b>Nut</b>!Looking For New Superfoods? Try The Brazil Nut!Article
    You’ve probably had a Brazil nut, though you might not have been aware at the time. Among a growing list of superfoods, this oblong nut can be found alongside peanuts, cashews and almondsRead more
  2. Castanha-do-paráRecipe
    Cada barraca tem um instrumento personalizado,  geralmente algo de madeira para não deixar a castanha escorregar e suportar a facada Para os americanos é brazil nutRead more
  3. photo We’re Nutty for <b>Nuts</b>… Are You?We’re Nutty for Nuts… Are You?Article
    an important source of this vital element… but do you know what a nut actually is? In English, we use the term “nut” to distinguish a wide variety of hard-shelled foods, many of which, like pistachios and BrazilRead more
  4. photo Tree <b>nuts</b> found to lower death rate by 20 percentTree nuts found to lower death rate by 20 percentNews
    and tree nuts. But the most recommended were peanuts, cashew nuts, macadamia, Brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts.The study did not show how nuts reduce the risk of deathRead more
  5. photo 6 Symptoms of Tree <b>Nut</b> or Peanut Allergy6 Symptoms of Tree Nut or Peanut AllergyArticle
    are actually a legume, the protein structure is similar to that of tree nuts. So those allergic to peanuts may also be allergic to tree nuts like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, pistachios, Brazil nutsRead more
  6. photo These Top 5 <b>Nuts</b> Are <b>NUT</b>-ritiousThese Top 5 Nuts Are NUT-ritiousArticle
    aren’t actually nuts at all, but legumes. Tricky, tricky. While they don’t contain as many nutrients as nuts, they’re a good source of fiber and protein. Brazil nuts: Just one Brazil nut provides yourRead more
  7. photo Tree <b>nuts</b> beneficial in fighting metabolic syndrome risks according to new studyTree nuts beneficial in fighting metabolic syndrome risks according to new studyNews
    A recent study has found that eating tree nuts such as Brazil nuts, walnuts and pecans can help lower the risk of heart disease as well as stroke and diabetes. (1) In randomized, controlled studiesRead more
  8. photo 5 Delicious, Organic <b>Nut</b> Butters for Back-to-School Sandwiches5 Delicious, Organic Nut Butters for Back-to-School SandwichesArticle
    treat! 4. Futters Nut Butters Futters Nut Butters offers great variety and unfamiliar flavors like pistachio butter and brazil nut butter. But this company has taken it a step further: not onlyRead more
  9. Tree nuts are a powerhouse of taste and nutritionNews
    are healthier for you compared to saturated fats found in animal fats like cheddar cheese and sausage. The best nuts for nutrition Almonds Brazil Nuts Pecans Walnuts Pistachios Macadamia Nuts Coconuts CashewsRead more
  10. photo Healthy Trail Mix RecipeHealthy Trail Mix RecipeTreatment
    , trail mixis an easy to prepare and nutritious treat to keep on hand. My homemadetrail mix recipe calls for only five ingredients – Brazil nuts (1 oz),walnuts (1 oz), dried cranberries (1 Tbs), darkRead more

photo Brazil nut

Brazil nut


The Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa) is a South American tree in the family Lecythidaceae, and also the name of the tree's commercially harvested edible seed.The Brazil nut family is in the order Ericales, as are other well-known plants such as blueberries, cranberries, sapote, gutta-percha, tea, gooseberries, phlox and persimmons.The Brazil nut tree is the only species in the monotypic genus...More