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  1. photo GMOs in water supply may be behind Fronterra <b>botulism</b> scare in New ZealandGMOs in water supply may be behind Fronterra botulism scare in New ZealandNews
    The world's largest dairy exporter, New Zealand, is struggling to maintain its prized reputation as a global leader in high-quality dairy production following a recent botulism scare involving wheyRead more
  2. photo Truc de grand-mère pour s’endormirTruc de grand-mère pour s’endormirRecipe
    un risque de botulisme infantile. En raison de la présence de miel dans cette recette, il est fortement conseillé de se brosser les dents après avoir bu ce lait chaud.Read more
  3. photo Sauerkraut-charcoal supplement reverses glyphosate poisoning in cattleSauerkraut-charcoal supplement reverses glyphosate poisoning in cattleNews
    bacteria.This unbalance makes cattle prone to botulism, which is caused by the toxin-producing Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Cattle affected with botulism may develop muscle paralysis, physical staggeringRead more
  4. Nomes dos estoques de vacina: EU666 US666News
    stockpileEM160 Controlled/Gov’t Distribution in EU—————————————————— Eu encontrei também outras vacinas com estes mesmos códigos: Anthrax Varíola Botulismo Aviária Qual a sua opiniao?Read more
  5. photo Plum Organics issues baby food recall due to possible spoilagePlum Organics issues baby food recall due to possible spoilageNews
    particular batch of its 4.22 oz. Apple & Carrot Portable Pouch baby food for possible Clostridium botulinum contamination, which can cause botulism. Symptoms of botulism include difficulty swallowingRead more
  6. photo Jarabes caseros para aliviar la tosJarabes caseros para aliviar la tosTreatment
    dar miel de abeja a un bebé menor de un año, ya que puede provocarle botulismo. A continuación dejo varias recetas para hacer jarabes para la tos en casa. Jarabes naturales para la tos JarabeRead more
  7. Xarope caseiro para tosse secaTreatment
    não devem ser administrados para crianças com menos de 3 anos de idade, devido ao risco de botulismo. Xarope caseiro para tosse seca com cenoura Um bom xarope caseiro para tosse seca alérgica é o xaropeRead more
  8. Remédio caseiro para gripe em bebêTreatment
    para o bebê várias vezes ao dia. Em bebês com mais de 1 ano de idade, pode-se substituir o açúcar pelo mel industrializado, pois o risco de botulismo é menor. Contraindicações: Este xarope caseiro éRead more
  9. photo Toxic chemical dicyandiamide found in Fonterra milk powderToxic chemical dicyandiamide found in Fonterra milk powderNews
    to have been contaminated with a bacteria known to cause botulism. Import bans were almost immediately instituted in China following this discovery, butexecutives, including company CEO Theo Spierings, haveRead more
  10. photo Major International Seafood Processors Violating FDA Safety RulesMajor International Seafood Processors Violating FDA Safety RulesArticle
    safety hazard of botulism growth and toxin formation,” Food Safety News reported. In Spain, a sashimi-grade Bluefin tuna processor was cited for “adulterated” fish, which required correctionsRead more

photo Botulism



Botulism is a rare disease caused by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. You can get it from eating meat that is not cooked properly. Babies can get it as well as adults. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, difficulty talking and weakness of the facial muscles. Botulism toxin is a major ingredient in botox, a gel that relaxes the facial muscles to make people look younger.Botulism is caused...More