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  1. These Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke. Learn How To Recognize Them!Treatment
    of vision in one eye, which occurs suddenly and improves in a period of 24 hours (usually after 5 – 10 minutes) usually represents a short-term lack of blood supply to the eye, called amaurosis fugaxRead more
  2. photo Deficiencia de vitamina b12: principales signos y síntomasDeficiencia de vitamina b12: principales signos y síntomasTreatment
    de esta vitamina es raro, ya que se elimina fácilmente a través de la orina. Sin embargo, personas que posean policitemia, amaurosis congénita de leber, alergia al cobalto o a la cobalamina o que se encuentra en elRead more



Amaurosis (Greek meaning darkening, dark, or obscure) is vision loss or weakness that occurs without an apparent lesion affecting the eye. It may result from either a medical condition or from excess acceleration, as in flight. The term is the same as the Latin gutta serena.Leber's congenital amaurosis is an inherited disease resulting in optic atrophy and secondary severe vision loss or...More