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"Alpinia officinarum"

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    galanga Alpinia javanica Alpinia melanocarpa Alpinia mutica Alpinia nutans Alpinia officinarum Alpinia petiolata Alpinia purpurata Alpinia pyramidata Alpinia rafflesiana Alpinia speciosa Alpinia striataRead more
  2. Remedios con galanga para mareos, náuseas, hipo y másTreatment
    La galanga (Alpinia officinarum) pertenece a la familia de las Cingiberácea y recibe varios nombres como galangal en hindi y Gao Liang en chino. Esta planta es perenne y aromática y puedeRead more

photo Alpinia officinarum

Alpinia officinarum

Alpinia officinarum, known as lesser galangal, is a plant in the ginger family, cultivated in Southeast Asia. It originated in China, where its name ultimately derives. It can grow several feet high, with long leaves and reddish-white flowers. The rhizomes, known as galangal, are valued for their spicy flavor and aromatic scent. These are used throughout Asia in curries and perfumes, and were...More