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  1. photo <b>Almond</b> GelAlmond GelArticle
    Yesterday, we planned for Chinese New Year festivities with a recipe for Sweet Sesame Balls. Today’s dish is a refreshingly light and silky Almond Gel. All of the ingredients can be found in yourRead more
  2. photo Baked Potatoes With <b>Almonds</b>Baked Potatoes With AlmondsTreatment
    Almonds are rich in many minerals. 100 grams of almonds contain: 2.5 mg. manganese, 2.75 mg. magnesium, 3.4 mg. zinc, 4.3 mg. iron and 2.48 mg. calcium. Also almonds are an excellent sourceRead more
  3. photo Raw <b>Almond</b> Butter RecipeRaw Almond Butter RecipeRecipe
    Need a healthy, tasty and simple snack food? This almond butter recipe will do the trick. It uses just two ingredients. Use it in sandwiches, on fruit, or for a healthy and delicious start to yourRead more
  4. photo <b>Almond</b> & Fig MilkshakeAlmond & Fig MilkshakeRecipe
    taste. Unlike chilis that ignite a short-lived metabolic flare-up, almonds nourish a deep, slow burning metabolic fire that simmers with lasting warmth. Almond's hearty fuel will sustain you throughRead more
  5. photo Potato and <b>Almond</b> SoupPotato and Almond SoupArticle
    restaurant that made the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List last year. He has graciously provided his recipe for Potato and Almond Soup. I’ll warn you now: It’s extremely rich. Shop for the ingredients at yourRead more
  6. photo <b>Almonds</b> – Superfood For Weight LossAlmonds – Superfood For Weight LossArticle
    Eating almonds helps in the fight with excess weight, because they reduce the appetite for the rest of the day, according to recent studies. Almonds are really healthy because they are lowRead more
  7. Almond Milk Chai / SmoothieRecipe
    -Toxins Decongestant Digestive Appetizer Antispasmodic Galactagogue Demulcent Nutritive Aphrodisiac Emmenogogue Hypoglycemic ayurvedic notesSkinned almonds are sattvicRead more
  8. photo <b>Almond</b> Milk with Saffron & CardamomAlmond Milk with Saffron & CardamomRecipe
    on nuts for an easily accessible and nutritionally dense sustenance. Their creamy texture must have been a primary source of satisfaction as well. Since those times, nuts, and particularly almonds, remainRead more
  9. Almond-Vanilla Soap RecipeTreatment
    Yields 1 bar 1/3 cup whole almonds 1 (4 ounce) bar Castile soap 1/4 cup distilled water 1 tablespoon almond oil 1/8 teaspoon vanilla essential oil Get your dried, organic herbs, organicRead more
  10. photo Banana Ice Cream with <b>Almonds</b>Banana Ice Cream with AlmondsRecipe
    to make your kids go ape. Plus, their new favorite treat will be quick and easy to make at home - so much fun they'll want to participate. Banana ice cream with almond milk helps rehydrate your bodyRead more

photo Almond



The almond (/ɑːmənd/) (Prunus dulcis, syn. Prunus amygdalus, Amygdalus communis, Amygdalus dulcis) (or badam in Indian English, from Persian: بادام‎) is a species of tree native to the Middle East and South Asia. "Almond" is also the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree. Within the genus Prunus, it is classified with the peach in the subgenus Amygdalus, distinguished from...More