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"Activated protein C resistance"

  1. photo Scientists Discover why Honey is the Best Natural AntibioticScientists Discover why Honey is the Best Natural AntibioticTreatment
    to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. It is rich in defensin-1, a protein made by bees and an active germ-killing agent. When applied topically, honey kills pathogens like MRSARead more
  2. photo Reversing leptin <b>resistance</b> naturallyReversing leptin resistance naturallyNews
    and keep moving. A lack of physical activity increases the likelihood ofas cortisol levels rise. Exercise helps to mitigate the effects cortisol has on the body and decrease resistance to leptin. This is whyRead more
  3. photo Healthy Autumn FoodsHealthy Autumn FoodsTreatment
    and iron. The ingredients of sweet potato positively affect on brain activity, help to prevent heart disease and stroke, stress, resistance to infections, asthma, arthritis, gout, colon cancer etc.. PumpkinRead more
  4. photo Top 8 superfoods that can heal your entire bodyTop 8 superfoods that can heal your entire bodyNews
    , endurance and energy levels• Increases concentration and memory• Improves fertility and enhances sexual activity• Increases resistance to infectionsMaca Maca is a very nutrient-denseRead more
  5. photo Balance your blood sugar without toxic drugsBalance your blood sugar without toxic drugsNews
    diet and physical activity. Blood sugar imbalances and insulin resistance not only set you up for chronic disease, but they can also wreak havoc on your emotional well-being, causing mood swings, angerRead more
  6. photo Studies show that royal jelly fights cancer, improves blood health, and moreStudies show that royal jelly fights cancer, improves blood health, and moreNews
    and Pharmaceutical Bulletin showed that royal jelly can improve insulin resistance and blood pressure. The researchers fed the jelly to rats suffering from high blood pressure and insulin resistance due to a highRead more 100.011 votos
  7. The healing power of bee pollenNews
    most complete foods. It contains nearly all the nutrients required by humans and about half of its 40% protein content is in the form of free amino acids and is highly bioavailable to the human body.BeeRead more
  8. photo Turmeric is a powerful anti-cancer agent and your liver's best friend: ResearchTurmeric is a powerful anti-cancer agent and your liver's best friend: ResearchNews
    can also benefit in the treatment of lung cancer. Not only did the spice demonstrate a unique ability to prevent cancer cells from invading and spreading, but it also activated key proteins responsibleRead more
  9. photo Soy Guide for MenSoy Guide for MenTreatment
    of the experiments tested the muscle building effects of three different types of protein: a) casein; b) soy; and c) whey. Casein and whey are both milk derived proteins. This particular research ultimately determinedRead more
  10. photo Wound Healing and NutritionWound Healing and NutritionTreatment
    of rats was kept in individual, isolated cages; b) the second group was placed in isolated cages, but were also given pieces of cotton from which they could build bedding; and c) the final group was placedRead more