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"Actinic keratosis"

  1. photo 10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not HealthyTreatment
    , especially those that appear as a result to overexposure to sun. Senile and actinic keratosis triggered by sun and UV rays are considered as pre-cancer skin changes. 3. Eye white Your white should be alwaysRead more
  2. photo Alternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsAlternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsTreatment
    . (Oils: mugwort, pennyroyal, rue) Actinic Keratosis – A rough, scaly patch on your skin that develops from years of exposure to the sun. It's most commonly found on your face, lips, ears, back of yourRead more
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    periods are delayed or scanty. With skin complaints mugwort is said to alleviate eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is also helpful with actinic keratosis, reducing the abnormal cell production and promotingRead more

photo Actinic keratosis

Actinic keratosis


Actinic keratosis (also called "solar keratosis" and "senile keratosis"; abbreviated as "AK") is a pre-cancerous patch of thick, scaly, or crusty skin. These growths are more common in fair-skinned people and those who are frequently in the sun. They usually form when skin gets damaged by ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or indoor tanning beds. AKs are considered potentially...More