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  1. photo 20 foods for a flat stomach20 foods for a flat stomachNews
    chocolate is rich in antioxidants, too.BerriesJuicy, succulent berries are rich in fiber and vitamins. They are also home to some of the most powerful antioxidants in , which helps protect the heart and eyesRead more
  2. photo Soda AlternativesSoda AlternativesTreatment
    called for a tax on all sweetened sodas. The concept behind such taxation is that it would improve the health of the US population by lowering the incidence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesityRead more
  3. photo Best Of Aromatherapy NewsBest Of Aromatherapy NewsTreatment
    ) One trial even discovered positive effects of aromatherapy in elderly patients living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). A combination of lemon and rosemary oil was provided to the study participantsRead more
  4. photo Avocado Salmon RecipeAvocado Salmon RecipeTreatment
    and/or salmon consumption has been linked to lower incidences of: heart attacks, heart failure, hypertension and inflammation (C-reactive protein). In addition, eating more fish appears to increase the levelsRead more
  5. photo Tropical Berry Popsicles RecipeTropical Berry Popsicles RecipeTreatment
    . Although blueberries do contain some naturally occurringsugar, they also possess select phytochemicals that may improve variousrisk factors associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes such ashighRead more
  6. photo Pistachio Crusted Wild Salmon RecipePistachio Crusted Wild Salmon RecipeTreatment
    in the “good” HDL cholesterol fraction. All told, the authors of the trial estimated that these improvements could “predict around a 25% reduction in CHD (coronary heart disease) risk”. (5) Several recent trialsRead more
  7. photo Avocado Frozen Yogurt RecipeAvocado Frozen Yogurt RecipeTreatment
    to point out the spectacular nutritional composition of avocados. Each avocado yields an impressive 30% of the RDA of folic acid, 20% of the daily requirement of potassium and 36% of the bone and heartRead more
  8. photo Lemon Blueberry Muffin RecipeLemon Blueberry Muffin RecipeTreatment
    ranging from diabetes to heart disease. Several current studies in animal models support this contention and expand upon it. Both flaxseeds and flaxseed oil have recently been shown to: a) support healthyRead more
  9. photo Top 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating EverydayTop 10 Alkaline Foods You Should Be Eating EverydayTreatment
    the cholesterol levels, and burns excess body weight. It will also prevent heart disease and cancer. Moreover, you should stop consuming acidic drinks and foods, like coffee, meat, eggs, legumes, flour, sodasRead more
  10. photo Perform A Sugar Detox, Lose Weight And Improve Your Health With These Simple InstructionsPerform A Sugar Detox, Lose Weight And Improve Your Health With These Simple InstructionsTreatment
    sugar amounts also lead to severe diseases, like diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer, especially breast cancer. If you wonder what the link between the consumption of sugar and weight gainRead more

photo Heart disease

Heart disease


Heart disease is a general term that means that the heart is not working normally. Babies can be born with heart disease. This is called congenital heart disease. If people get heart disease later, it is called acquired heart disease. Most heart disease is acquired.The three most common types of acquired heart disease are:A person can have heart disease and not feel sick. Some people with heart...More