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  1. photo GMOs encourage weight gain and obesity, researchers discoverGMOs encourage weight gain and obesity, researchers discoverNews
    structure and digestive and reproductive organs, as well as alterations in the liver, kidneys, pancreas and adrenal glands of animals who were fed a GM diet. The implications are monumental. That the animalsRead more
  2. photo Fructose ConfusionFructose ConfusionTreatment
    Metabolic Syndromes … (link) Study 7 - Hypoglycemic Effect of Aqueous Shallot and Garlic Extracts … (link) High Fructose Intake Can Contribute to Hypertension & Kidney DiseaseRead more
  3. photo Practical Health ChoicesPractical Health ChoicesTreatment
    ,current studies have drawn an association between higher UA and CHD(coronary heart disease) and kidney disease. (1,2,3,4,5) Losingweight sometimes feels like a daunting task. This is especially so ifyouRead more
  4. photo Berry Lime Freeze RecipeBerry Lime Freeze RecipeTreatment
    can’t possibly be good for common health threats including diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. But other not so obvious aspects of appearance and wellness, such as diseases of the eyes and skin agingRead more
  5. photo Soda AlternativesSoda AlternativesTreatment
    called for a tax on all sweetened sodas. The concept behind such taxation is that it would improve the health of the US population by lowering the incidence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesityRead more
  6. photo Preeclampsia AlternativesPreeclampsia AlternativesTreatment
    factors for preeclampsia. Ahistory of diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease tops thelist.  First pregnancy and “multiple pregnancy (twins or more)”, alsoincreases the likelihood. ObesityRead more
  7. photo Dr. Richard Feinman Interview Part TwoDr. Richard Feinman Interview Part TwoTreatment
    , patients with heart or kidney disease and seniors. Dr. Feinman - No. Children are generally exposed to too much carbohydrate. Patients with any problem are in the care of a physician, but it is for sureRead more
  8. photo Sugar Free Soda AlternativeSugar Free Soda AlternativeTreatment
    , protein and not surprisingly a higher intake of added sugars. The result of this un-natural shift in dietary composition appears to result in a wide variety of ills including cardiovascular, kidney, liverRead more
  9. photo Dr. Richard Feinman Interview Part OneDr. Richard Feinman Interview Part OneTreatment
    They lack a history of clinical application They are high protein diets They will produce heart disease, kidney damage, and cancer They are low calorie diets in disguise They are damagingRead more
  10. photo Learn to recognize and prevent early warning signs of high blood sugar and diabetesLearn to recognize and prevent early warning signs of high blood sugar and diabetesNews
    and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than one-third of Americans, or 35.7%, are considered "obese," while an astounding 68.8% are considered overweight or obese. According to Obesity.org, almost 90% of peopleRead more

Kidney disease


Kidney disease, also known as Nephropathy, means damage to or disease of a kidney. Nephrosis is non-inflammatory nephropathy. Nephritis is inflammatory kidney disease.Causes of kidney disease include deposition of the IgA antibodies in the glomerulus, administration of analgesics, xanthine oxidase deficiency, toxicity of chemotherapy agents, and long-term exposure to lead or its salts. Chronic...More