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"Kwashiorkor" in Diseases: Cretinism

  1. photo As 10 Doenças Causadas Por Deficiências NutricionaisAs 10 Doenças Causadas Por Deficiências NutricionaisTreatment
    e consumo de suplementos de ferro sobre uma base regular. Polpas, castanhas , tofu  e etc são ricos em ferro para o corpo. 8. Kwashiorkor:  A desidratação intermediaria ou como também pode serRead more

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Kwashiorkor is a type of protein energy malnutrition. If a child uses up energy from carbohydrates and lipids, their body may begin to use protein for energy.The body breaks down protein into energy that can be used. They then do not have enough protein for other functions in their bodies. Children from aged 1-4 years usually get this but rarely adults and older children get it. It is common in...More