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  1. Remedios para infecciones estafilocócicasTreatment
    del corazón ( endocarditis ). • Inflamación del tejido que rodea y protege la médula espinal y el cerebro ( meningitis ). • Inflamación de los huesos y la médula ósea (osteomielitis). • NeumoníaRead more
  2. photo What You MUST Know About Herbal MedicineWhat You MUST Know About Herbal MedicineTreatment
    , effective for menstrual pain and infertility, reduces chronic inflammation linked with many neurological disorders including Parkinson’s, meningitis and Alzheimer’s Dandelion Works as a kidneyRead more
  3. photo Remedios caseros para los forúnculosRemedios caseros para los forúnculosTreatment
    (meningitis). La parte afectada debe permanecer muy limpia Es de vital importancia mantener toda la parte que rodea el forúnculo muy limpia, por ello puedes hacerlo con un paño o algodón y alcoholRead more

photo Meningitis



Meningitis is an infection of certain membranes and tissues of the nervous system. Those are called meninges (singular: meninx). Their function is to protect the central nervous system. Most often, this infection is caused by microorganisms, like viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. The most common cause of meningitis are viruses, followed by bacteria. Meningitis is a life-threatening...More