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"Abscess" in Diseases: Balantidiasis

  1. photo Para qué sirve el medicamento DaxonPara qué sirve el medicamento DaxonTreatment
    formación de un absceso hepático amebiano. Modo de uso del Daxon El daxon en suspensión oral o en comprimidos revestidos debe ser ingerido con alimentos para garantizar una elevada absorción del medicamento yRead more

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An abscess (Latin: abscessus) is pus that has built up within the tissue of the body. Signs and symptoms of abscesses include: redness, pain, warmth, and swelling. This swelling feels like it is filled with fluid if it is pressed. The area of redness is often bigger than the area of swelling. Carbuncles are an abscess in the hair follicles.An abscess is usually caused by a bacterial infection....More

photo Polemonium reptans

Polemonium reptans

Medicinal Plant

Polemonium reptans is a flowering plant in the genus Polemonium, native to eastern North America. Common names include abscess root, creeping Jacob's ladder, spreading Jacob's ladder, false Jacob's ladder, american Greek valerian, blue bells, stairway to heaven, and sweatroot.It is a perennial herbaceous plant growing to 50 cm tall, with pinnate leaves up to 20 cm long with 5–13 leaflets. The...More