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"Abscess" in Diseases: Arthritis

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  1. photo Single Essential Oil Profiles, Benefits, IndicationsSingle Essential Oil Profiles, Benefits, IndicationsTreatment
    : Cleanser of blood, helps increase liver function and secretion, supports the pancreas. Promotes the regeneration of skin and can be used for abscesses, burns, rashes, cuts, and dermatitis. It is also helpfulRead more
  2. photo Natural Rx: Pain Management and Alternative MedicineNatural Rx: Pain Management and Alternative MedicineTreatment
    by injury, joint diseases, tumors, infection, abscesses, misalignment. The cause is usually clearly defined and is medically classified as Calor, dolor, rubor, and tumor: Heat, pain, redness, and swellingRead more
  3. photo Alternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsAlternative Health Glossary of Medical TermsTreatment
    , kanuka, myrrh, oregano, palmarosa, peppermint, rosewood, saro, spearmint, spikenard, tea tree, thyme, bergamot, eucalyptus globulus, goldenrod, holy basil) Carbuncles – A severe abscess or multiple boilRead more
  4. photo Violet Leaf (Viola Odorata) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesViolet Leaf (Viola Odorata) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTreatment
    , anxiety, aid to cancer treatment (breast, lungs, throat, intestines, lymph, skin), abscesses, boils, obesity, breast lumps, fibroids, urinary tract infections, stones and gravel. More Info: Violet oil canRead more
  5. photo Spike Lavender (Lavandula Latifolia) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesSpike Lavender (Lavandula Latifolia) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTreatment
    , Indications: Used for abscesses, acne, allergies, athlete's foot, boils, bruises, burns, dandruff, dermatitis, earache, eczema, inflammation, insect bites, insect repellent, lice, ringworm, sunburns, woundsRead more
  6. photo Mountain Savory (Sautureje Montana) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesMountain Savory (Sautureje Montana) Essential Oil Profile, Benefits, PropertiesTreatment
    , sluggish nervous and circulatory systems. Due to its high phenol content, mountain savory is a very strong antiseptic and has been used to hasten the formation of scabs and to help with abscesses, burnsRead more
  7. photo Herbal Preparation MethodsHerbal Preparation MethodsTreatment
    the oil. Poultice A poultice is made from warm mashed herbs, which are applied directly to the skin. Used for inflammation, bites, boils, abscesses etc. You should apply oil to the area before applyingRead more
  8. photo Medicinal Uses for 22 Kitchen StaplesMedicinal Uses for 22 Kitchen StaplesTreatment
    acetic acid, a petroleum by-product, and pretty well useless except as a window cleaner! Walnut Hulls, Black Uses: * Athletes foot * Fungal infections, Parasites * Abscesses * Boils Watercress herbRead more
  9. photo Qué puede causar dolor de oído y cómo aliviarloQué puede causar dolor de oído y cómo aliviarloTreatment
    Amoxicilina, por ejemplo. Otras razones también pueden ser por el crecimiento de los dientes en el bebé, el nacimiento de las muelas del juicio en el adulto o problemas en los dientes como abscesos, cariesRead more
  10. photo What can cause and how to alleviate ear painWhat can cause and how to alleviate ear painTreatment
    also be caused by the growth of the baby's teeth, birth of wisdom teeth in adults or problems in the teeth, such as abscess, caries or bruxism, for example. In these cases it is recommended to consultRead more

photo Abscess



An abscess (Latin: abscessus) is pus that has built up within the tissue of the body. Signs and symptoms of abscesses include: redness, pain, warmth, and swelling. This swelling feels like it is filled with fluid if it is pressed. The area of redness is often bigger than the area of swelling. Carbuncles are an abscess in the hair follicles.An abscess is usually caused by a bacterial infection....More

photo Polemonium reptans

Polemonium reptans

Medicinal Plant

Polemonium reptans is a flowering plant in the genus Polemonium, native to eastern North America. Common names include abscess root, creeping Jacob's ladder, spreading Jacob's ladder, false Jacob's ladder, american Greek valerian, blue bells, stairway to heaven, and sweatroot.It is a perennial herbaceous plant growing to 50 cm tall, with pinnate leaves up to 20 cm long with 5–13 leaflets. The...More