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Articles On Cowpox

  1. photo Organic Living: Is Obesity Contagious?Organic Living: Is Obesity Contagious?Article
    By Bev Grey Unlike chickenpox, polio and even the common cold, obesity is not spread by germs in the air or by shaking hands with an obese person. Although the number of overweight and obese...Read more
  2. photo Salmonella Outbreak Hits 42 StatesSalmonella Outbreak Hits 42 StatesArticle
    The CDC, FDA, Department of Agriculture and state public-health officials are working together to determine the cause of an ongoing salmonella outbreak that has affected people in 42 states. As of...Read more
  3. photo They're Putting Mercury in Swine Flu VaccineThey're Putting Mercury in Swine Flu VaccineArticle
    The Washington Post confirmed that the swine flu vaccine, which is fixed to be rolled out countrywide this fall, in what a few fear could ultimately become a required vaccination program, will...Read more
  4. photo Stopping E. Coli at Its SourceStopping E. Coli at Its SourceArticle
    Can David Asper’s research help protect our global food and water supply? A graduate student in veterinary microbiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Asper is working on a new cattle vaccine...Read more
  5. photo Keep Your Dog Flea-Free With An Essential Oil Bath BarKeep Your Dog Flea-Free With An Essential Oil Bath BarArticle
    Is your dog getting bugged by creepy crawling insects? Chances are if you’re getting bit, so is your pooch. Keep him bug-free and smelling great with Oliver Bentley’s new Botanical Bath & Bug...Read more
  6. photo Probiotics Increase Immune Response By Nearly 70 PercentProbiotics Increase Immune Response By Nearly 70 PercentArticle
    Daily intake of probiotic “friendly” bacteria showed the ability to effect a considerable increase in immune function, reports a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition....Read more
  7. photo Mandatory Vaccinations: Unconstitutional or Indispensable?Mandatory Vaccinations: Unconstitutional or Indispensable?Article
    Whether or not Governor Rick Perry’s controversial decision to vaccinate against the HPV virus is actually in the best interest of Texas children, it is certainly going to provide many lively...Read more
  8. photo Almost Human? GMO Brown Rice Contains Blood ProteinAlmost Human? GMO Brown Rice Contains Blood ProteinArticle
    Human serum albumin—a blood protein—has been added to genetically modified brown rice by researchers in a new study conducted at the Yang He and Daichang Yang at Wuhan University in China, and...Read more
  9. photo 5 Foods That Fight The Flu5 Foods That Fight The FluArticle
    This time of year is an immune system’s nightmare – coughing, sneezing, fever, chills, exhaustion – yep, it’s flu season. If you feel the onset of these dreaded symptoms, take a look at what’s in...Read more
  10. photo Common Chemicals Decrease Immune Function and Vaccine Efficacy in ChildrenCommon Chemicals Decrease Immune Function and Vaccine Efficacy in ChildrenArticle
    A recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and featured in the recent issue of Journal of the American Medical Association is the first to link chemicals to immune...Read more