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Articles On Cholera

  1. photo Climate Change Worsens "Deadly Dozen" Diseases (Part 1)Climate Change Worsens "Deadly Dozen" Diseases (Part 1)Article
    Health experts from the Bronx, NY-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) yesterday released a report listing 12 pathogens that could spread into new regions because of climate change, with...Read more
  2. photo The "Deadly Dozen" Diseases Worsened by Climate Change (Part 2)The "Deadly Dozen" Diseases Worsened by Climate Change (Part 2)Article
    Yesterday, I opened this series with an overview of how certain  pathogens pose increased  threats to human and animal health as our climate warms. This is an extremely important story, so let’s...Read more
  3. photo Global Warming will Leave 3 Billion HungryGlobal Warming will Leave 3 Billion HungryArticle
    Climate change is a serious problem. It’s beyond anecdotal at this point. The dangers are real. And its not just animals that are at risk. Warming temperatures raise sea levels, threatening...Read more