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Articles On Campylobacter

  1. photo Sourcing Healthy, Grass-Fed MeatsSourcing Healthy, Grass-Fed MeatsArticle
    Meat and dairy products are among the most important products to buy organic and grass-fed. They can get expensive, but as you discover the truth behind how they are raised, paying a little more...Read more
  2. photo USDA Allows Contaminated Chicken in StoresUSDA Allows Contaminated Chicken in StoresArticle
    As noted yesterday in Most Chicken Producers’ Safeguards “Inadequate,” store-bought chicken is routinely contaminated with the pathogens salmonella and campylobacter. “Our tests show that...Read more
  3. photo Handle Chicken SafelyHandle Chicken SafelyArticle
    As our recent coverage shows, the raw chicken you buy has a high risk of bacterial contamination.  The most common culprits are: Salmonella enteritidis, which may live in livestock’s intestinal...Read more
  4. photo Cook Chicken SafelyCook Chicken SafelyArticle
    Handle raw chicken properly, and you’ll reduce your risk of contracting a foodborne illness. Equally important is cook time.  You must cook chicken to a safe minimum internal temperature of 165°F,...Read more
  5. photo Chicken RecipesChicken RecipesArticle
      Organic chicken is tasty, nutritious, and versatile. Whether roasted, grilled, or baked, a plump organic chicken is guaranteed to make mouths water. We’ve compiled our most popular chicken and...Read more
  6. photo 8 Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health Food8 Reasons Chicken Is Not A Health FoodArticle
    Somewhere along our American Journey, we’ve convinced ourselves that birds make for a healthier meal option than cows or pigs. But nothing could be further from the truth; in fact, eating chicken...Read more
  7. photo The Truth About Irradiation and Your FoodThe Truth About Irradiation and Your FoodArticle
    We often pay so much attention to what we want to keep out of our food (trans fats, artificial colors, GMO ingredients, high fructose corn syrup, excess salt) that we can so easily overlook what...Read more
  8. photo No Rest for the Resistant: Deadly Salmonella Strains on the RiseNo Rest for the Resistant: Deadly Salmonella Strains on the RiseArticle
    Increasingly high levels of antibiotics fed to livestock animals are causing antibiotic-resistant bacteria to become more potent, raising concerns from the Center for Science in the Public...Read more
  9. photo How Many of The 8 Most Common Food Related Illnesses Do You Have?How Many of The 8 Most Common Food Related Illnesses Do You Have?Article
    We are what we eat. And that’s a pretty big deal considering how ridiculously sensitive our human bodies actually are. Optimal nutrition is a complicated, messy art that confounds even the most...Read more
  10. photo Study Finds Illegal Antibiotics in Most Chicken SamplesStudy Finds Illegal Antibiotics in Most Chicken SamplesArticle
    Antibiotics banned by the U.S. government for use in poultry production were found to still be in use according to a study published in the recent issue of Environmental Science & Technology....Read more