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"White Rose"

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  1. photo A <b>Rose</b> Colored Garden: 10 Different Types of <b>Roses</b> to GrowA Rose Colored Garden: 10 Different Types of Roses to GrowArticle
    and fertile soil, allowing for 3 to 4 feet of upward growth space. The vivid white and pink blossoms of the Damask rose appear once or twice per season, depending on the climate. 4. English Rose English rosesRead more
  2. photo En qué consiste la terapia con las flores de BachEn qué consiste la terapia con las flores de BachTreatment
    Honeysucle (Madreselva): nostalgia y añoranza                         Wild rose (Rosa silvestre): apatía y resignación Olive (Olivo): vitalidad debilitada y agotamiento White chestnut (CastañoRead more
  3. photo 7 Enchanting Ways to Use <b>Rose</b> Water (We Need #3 Now!)7 Enchanting Ways to Use Rose Water (We Need #3 Now!)Article
    on hand, or follow a recipe with rose water already built into the mix, like this organic white chocolate rose water cupcakes recipe. 6. Facial Toner Going hand-in-hand with body treatments, rose waterRead more
  4. photo <b>Rose</b> hips protects your heart: ResearchRose hips protects your heart: ResearchNews
    growth. If left alone, any rose bush will yield rose hip seed pods or fruits after the flowers shed their petals.But the wild dog rose, a plant that grows up to 10 feet high with fragrant white flowersRead more
  5. Florais de BachTreatment
    usados por pessoas de todas as idades com segurança. As essências de Bach são: Agrimony, Honeysuckle, Rescue Remedy, Holly, Pine, Clemantis, Crab Apple, Sweet Chestnut, White Chestnut, Chestnut BudRead more
  6. photo Las Flores de Bach, su origen y beneficiosLas Flores de Bach, su origen y beneficiosTreatment
    ): Miedo a que les suceda algún daño a los seres queridos. Preocupación por ellos. 26.  Rock rose (Heliantemo o Jarilla): Pánico y terror paralizante. Estados de angustia agudos. Pesadillas. 27.  RockRead more
  7. photo Growing Fragrant <b>Roses</b>Growing Fragrant RosesArticle
    Ah, the rose. No other flower conjures up such passion, sentimentality and delight. No one is sure exactly what it is about this flower that inspires such adoration, but my guess is it’sRead more
  8. photo World's First Certified-Organic Fragrant <b>Rose</b> DebutsWorld's First Certified-Organic Fragrant Rose DebutsArticle
    and sensually arousing fragrance that will leave the recipient reeling with delight,” says Organic Bouquet CEO Gerald Prolman.   Vitality—a bright white rose that grows to nearly two feet, with an abundanceRead more
  9. photo Aloha! How to Grow Hibiscus Flowers Outside the Rainbow StateAloha! How to Grow Hibiscus Flowers Outside the Rainbow StateArticle
    favorites: Rose Mallow – Also known as Hibiscus mutabilis, rose mallow is considered a shrub that can grow up to 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide with 4-6 inch, pink or white blossoms. Rose mallow is amazingRead more
  10. photo Saffron Rice with <b>Rose</b> PetalsSaffron Rice with Rose PetalsRecipe
    , Dinner-party Preparation: Boiled Style: Indian Color: White, Yellow Nourishes: Reproductive, Plasma Effect: Sattvic, Ojas, Alkalizing, Prana Element: Water Servings: 4 Prep Time: 10 minutes CookRead more

photo White Rose

White Rose

Medicinal Plant

The White Rose (German: die Weiße Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany, consisting of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to dictator Adolf Hitler's regime.The six most recognized...More