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"Vaccinium vitis idaea"

  1. Amora é usada no combate ao herpesTreatment
    à infecção pulmonar e a problemas na bexiga, a amora (Vaccinium vitis-idaea) também é usada contra o vírus do herpes tipo 2 (HSV-2, ou herpes simples), responsável por feridas dolorosas nos lábios e nos órgãosRead more

photo Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Vaccinium vitis-idaea


Vaccinium vitis-idaea (lingonberry or cowberry) is a short evergreen shrub in the heath family that bears edible fruit, native to boreal forest and Arctic tundra throughout the Northern Hemisphere from Eurasia to North America. Lingonberries are a staple in Northern Scandinavia, picked in the wild and used to accompany a variety of dishes. Commercial cultivation is undertaken in the U.S....More