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"Portal hypertension"

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    , as is evident in the case of portal hypertension. Cirrhosis of the liver is one of various conditions that can lead to portal hypertension - an increase of pressure in the major vein that leads to the liver. AnyRead more
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    and vascular disorders, sarcoidosis, HIV or portal hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension can also be a result of blood clots, lung disease, heart disease and sleep disorders. Pulmonary hypertension is suspectedRead more

photo Portal hypertension

Portal hypertension


In medicine, portal hypertension is hypertension (high blood pressure) in the portal vein system, which is composed of the portal vein, and its branches and tributaries.Portal hypertension is defined as elevation of hepatic venous pressure gradient to >5mmHg. Generally, in clinical practice the pressure is not measured directly until the decision to place a transjugular intrahepatic...More