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  1. photo <b>Parsley</b>ParsleyArticle
    Contents: Season for Parsley Parsley Described How to Buy and Store Parsley How to Cook Parsley Health Benefits of Parsley Why Buy Natural and Organic Parsley Season for ParsleyRead more
  2. photo Healthy benefits of <b>parsley</b>Healthy benefits of parsleyNews
    Parsley is a well-know herb that most people think of as just a garnish. But there is more to parsley than meets the eye. It can lower our risk of cancer, enhance our immune system, reduceRead more
  3. Parsley & Cilantro Chimichurri PestoRecipe
    hundreds of greens to choose from, why limit your pesto to basil? This parsley based pesto is a favorite south of the border, where it's known as chimichurri. I serve it atop Eggs Scrambled in Cumin and CornRead more
  4. photo Orange-<b>Parsley</b> HummusOrange-Parsley HummusArticle
    ). All of the ingredients should be available at your local natural and organic food store. Orange-Parsley Hummus Makes 1½ cups 1/3 cup fresh parsley leaves 1 teaspoon minced garlic 1 can garbanzoRead more
  5. Kale with Parsley, Cumin & LemonRecipe
    1/4 whole Lemon 1tbsp Olive Oil 1/2 tsp Paprika 1/4 c Parsley (Fresh) 1/4 tsp Salt (Mineral SaltRead more
  6. White Beans with Parsley & OnionRecipe
    Black Pepper 1/4 tsp Cumin 1/2 whole Lemon 2tbsp Olive Oil .37 c Parsley (Fresh) 2tbsp Red OnionRead more
  7. photo Power to the <b>Parsley</b>! 5 Recipe Ideas That Make <b>Parsley</b> the Main StarPower to the Parsley! 5 Recipe Ideas That Make Parsley the Main StarArticle
    Parsley, like its leafy green cousin kale, is sadly often resigned to taking a corner seat on the sidelines of a buffet table or salad platter. But this universal herb is much more than justRead more
  8. photo Green Showdown: <b>Parsley</b> vs. CilantroGreen Showdown: Parsley vs. CilantroArticle
    For decades, American cooks relegated sprigs of parsley to throwaway garnishes on the sides of sad-looking dinner plates.  More recently, herb-savvy cooks have recognized parsley’s clean, freshRead more
  9. Beet Soup with Lemon Juice & ParsleyRecipe
    bladder. Parsley is a digestive and diuretic.aboutSimple, but with a Mediterranean flare. Weights & measures ingredients 2c Beets 1/4 tsp Black Pepper 1/4 cRead more
  10. Kidney Beans with Red Wine & ParsleyRecipe
    minutes Pharmacological Effects Styptic High-Fiber-Laxative ayurvedic notesKidney Beans with Red Wine and Parsley is a refreshing, cleansing, and savory dish for retoning tissue. OneRead more

photo Parsley


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Parsley or garden parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a species of Petroselinum in the family Apiaceae, native to the central Mediterranean region (southern Italy, Algeria, and Tunisia), naturalized elsewhere in Europe, and widely cultivated as a herb, a spice, and a vegetable.Where it grows as a biennial, in the first year, it forms a rosette of tripinnate leaves 10–25 cm (3.9–9.8 in) long with...More