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  1. photo 10 Natural Remedies to Remove <b>Keloids</b>10 Natural Remedies to Remove KeloidsTreatment
    Keloids are small scars, scratches and even bumps on the skin. Not many people are aware they have keloids. If you have any of the above, read this article carefully so you get rid of themRead more
  2. photo Ways to Naturally Fade ScarsWays to Naturally Fade ScarsTreatment
    different types of scars that can occur depending on what type of injury or surgery has taken place. Keloid scars grow outwards from the original injury. They have a rough look about them and can actuallyRead more
  3. photo Tattoo ink poisoning AmericansTattoo ink poisoning AmericansNews
    or automobile paintThewarns about tattoo ink possibly causing infections, allergic reactions, keloids (formation of a scar), granulomas (inflammation) and potential complications while receiving MRIs.AlthoughRead more
  4. photo Systemic enzymes offer powerful immune supportSystemic enzymes offer powerful immune supportNews
    wounds, pulmonary fibrosis, kidney fibrosis and even old keloid plaques.Blood cleansing activity:Chronically inflamed individuals oftentimes end up with very thick blood loaded with fibrin that can leadRead more
  5. photo Oops! These 2013 Fashion Trends Are Hazardous To Your HealthOops! These 2013 Fashion Trends Are Hazardous To Your HealthArticle
    percent clean and sanitary, including hepatitis B or C, tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, and other blood infections. After the piercing, you can get impetigo or cellulitis—both skin infections—keloids, skinRead more
  6. photo How Safe are Body Piercings Really?How Safe are Body Piercings Really?Article
    , hepatitis B, hepatitis C, staph, tuberculosis), pain, itching, swelling, tenderness, redness, tissue injury and scarring. Keloids, which are excessive scar tissue that forms around wounds, are 80 percent moreRead more
  7. Castor Oil is Great For Thickening And Regrowing Hair, Eyelashes and EyebrowsTreatment
    prevent any thinning and shedding. Scar tissue reduction and smooth lips Castor oil can do wonders for keloid types of scars and scars that consist of hardened tissue, thanks to its ability to penetrateRead more
  8. photo The astonishing radioprotective effects of MISO explained: Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chernobyl survivors speak out... eat to live!The astonishing radioprotective effects of MISO explained: Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chernobyl survivors speak out... eat to live!News
    smell. On the rotten spots there were always flies. When the skin healed, I broke it because it was itchy; finally it became a keloidal condition. I didn't see my face until it was finally cured. HoweverRead more

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A keloid is a type of scar that can form where somebody has an injury. Keloids are tough and get larger over time, not going away. They can become as big as 30 centimeters long. They are shaped irregularly, rising high above the skin.More