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  1. photo Health Benefits Of <b>Aronia</b> BerriesHealth Benefits Of Aronia BerriesTreatment
    that aronia berries are rich in antioxidants, but after it was scientifically proven that aronia berries have the highest antioxidant capacity among all berries and nuts, aronia was declared as super-fruitRead more
  2. photo <b>Aronia</b> berries: North American fruits bursting with antioxidantsAronia berries: North American fruits bursting with antioxidantsNews
    Aronia is a North American shrub that bears fruits which resemble dark purple-colored cranberries. Despite their ordinary appearance, however, these fruits - which are commonly called aronia berriesRead more
  3. photo Black ChokeberryBlack ChokeberryTreatment
    Black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) isn’t exactly a household name. A select group of researchers in Poland are trying to change that and with good reason. At least five studies conducted overRead more
  4. photo 6 Superfruits You Can Grow At Home6 Superfruits You Can Grow At HomeArticle
    to plant. Blackberries are rich in sugars, vitamins, colored substances, pectin and mineral ingredients. Blackberries are easy to breed, and are already giving fruit in the second year. Aronia AroniaRead more
  5. Cientistas combinam sucos que podem evitar doenças cardíacasTreatment
    - 8 ml de suco de aronia (chokeberry) Na falta de algum dos ingredientes, faça o suco com o que estiver disponível, pois mesmo assim valerá a pena. Texto adaptado. Fonte do textoRead more
  6. photo Four unusual superfood smoothies that can change your life for the betterFour unusual superfood smoothies that can change your life for the betterNews
    and the prevention of cancer.Immune booster1/4 teaspoonberry powder2 cups unsweetened kefir1 ounce elderberry extract1/2 cup frozen aronia berriesStevia extract to tasteBenefits:One of the most bioavailableRead more
  7. As 8 Ervas Mais Eficazes para a Saúde do CoraçãoNews
    . As propriedades sedativas da lavanda, por sua vez, podem ajudar a acalmar palpitações e diminuir a pressão arterial. Aronia Estes pequenos frutos são ricos em antioxidantes, assim como vitaminas A , C e KRead more
  8. photo Healthy Potatoes?Healthy Potatoes?Treatment
    Pressure in People With Obesity and … (link) Study 2 - Pigmented Potato Consumption Alters Oxidative Stress and … (link) Study 3 - Aronia Melanocarpa Extract Reduces Blood Pressure, SerumRead more
  9. photo Best Natural Face Masks for Every Skin IssueBest Natural Face Masks for Every Skin IssueArticle
    delivers with free radical fighting aronia berry and vitamin C. Turmeric imparts a youthful glow. Use once weekly for best results. For Dull Skin: Nothing revitalizes the complexion and gives an insta-fixRead more
  10. photo 9 Natural Beauty Hacks to Stop Aging in Its Tracks9 Natural Beauty Hacks to Stop Aging in Its TracksArticle
    Bella Figura Bio Active Healing Mask with aronia berry a try 6. Protect with mineral sunscreen: This may go without saying, but is so important. Regular use of sunscreen is shown to not only protectRead more

photo Aronia



Aronia is a genus of deciduous shrubs, the chokeberries, in the family Rosaceae, native to eastern North America and most commonly found in wet woods and swamps. The genus is usually considered to contain two or three species, one of which is naturalized in Europe. A fourth form that has long been cultivated under the name Aronia is now considered to be an intergeneric hybrid, Sorbaronia...More