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  1. photo Propiedades y beneficios para la salud de la <b>alfalfa</b>Propiedades y beneficios para la salud de la alfalfaTreatment
    Por mucho tiempo los granjeros han usado la alfalfa para dar de comer a sus animales. Y en los últimos años la gente ha empezado a incluir brotes de alfalfa en sus ensaladas. Sin embargoRead more
  2. Remedios con alfalfa para osteoporosis, anemia y másTreatment
    La alfalfa es una planta perenne, herbácea, vivaz, ramosa que se cultiva de forma habitual en todas las zonas templadas del planeta. Puede alcanzar un metro de altura, su tallo es suaveRead more
  3. photo Improving your health with <b>alfalfa</b> sproutsImproving your health with alfalfa sproutsNews
    Alfalfa sprouts are perhaps one of the most popular sprouts worldwide. They are easy to cultivate; in fact, many people sprout alfalfa seeds at home. They are a great addition to sandwichesRead more
  4. photo USDA Sued Over GM <b>Alfalfa</b>USDA Sued Over GM AlfalfaArticle
    genetically modified alfalfa. This marks the second case against the USDA’s lack of restrictions on GM alfalfa. The Center for Food Safety along with other agencies and organizations sued the USDA last yearRead more
  5. photo Recall of Organic <b>Alfalfa</b> Sprouts ExpandsRecall of Organic Alfalfa Sprouts ExpandsArticle
    Sunday’s recall of specific Specialty Farms organic alfalfa sprout products has been expanded. Now, the company’s Organic Alfalfa Sprouts Blend (UPC 509800108) and Organic Sprout Salad (UPCRead more
  6. photo Was Genetically Modified <b>Alfalfa</b> Hastily Approved by a Pressured USDA?Was Genetically Modified Alfalfa Hastily Approved by a Pressured USDA?Article
    Did Monsanto pressure the USDA to approve genetically modified alfalfa? That’s the question Washington-based Center for Food Safety is hoping to get answered with a lawsuit filed againstRead more
  7. photo Canada decides not to allow release of GM <b>alfalfa</b> this springCanada decides not to allow release of GM alfalfa this springNews
    Roundup Ready alfalfa will not be available to Canadian growers this spring. Farmers from Ontario to Manitoba have decried the release of this genetically modified strain of alfalfa into agricultureRead more
  8. photo Organic Leaders Targeted in Approval of Monsanto's GM <b>Alfalfa</b>Organic Leaders Targeted in Approval of Monsanto's GM AlfalfaArticle
    calling “the conditional deregulation” of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. The nation’s first certified organic retail chain, Whole Foods—who has a storewide policy banning the sale of GM foods—alongRead more
  9. photo FDA Issues Urgent National Recall of <b>Alfalfa</b> SproutsFDA Issues Urgent National Recall of Alfalfa SproutsArticle
    Maywood, Calif.-based Caldwell Fresh Foods has issued a voluntary nationwide recall of all alfalfa sprout products, which have been linked to a salmonella outbreak in 10 states: ArizonaRead more
  10. photo Congressional Agriculture Committee Meets on GM <b>Alfalfa</b>Congressional Agriculture Committee Meets on GM AlfalfaArticle
    , specifically Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) Roundup Ready Alfalfa, which has been at the center of recent debates. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, who has called for both sides of the GM debate to ‘workRead more

photo Alfalfa


Medicinal Plant

Alfalfa /ælˈfælfə/, Medicago sativa, also called lucerne, is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family Fabaceae cultivated as an important forage crop in many countries around the world. The Spanish-Arabic (according to wiktionary and the DRAE) name alfalfa is widely used, particularly in North America and Australia. But in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand, the more commonly used name...More